Hello everyone.

   My name is Esther and I am a mother to two beautiful children who keep me on my toes. Apart from spending time with my children, I love photography; dancing; socializing; cross fit and reading whenever time allows. Traveling is also one of my guilty pleasures, my family was stationed in Germany for eight years and during that time; I got to travel around Europe. Traveling to these beautiful places not only helped me experience other cultures, it also ignited my love for photography. Photography became my tool for capturing the scenery, the treasured moments with my children and for storytelling.

Destia Sparks says it well "Photography is the story I fail to put into words".
       My core desire, as a photographer is to capture the way you experience your special moment and tell your story while capturing your natural beauty and pure emotions. Connecting with my clients is a vital point of my services and if  you require that from a photographer , then i'm your person.